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This is my adventure as I write a spec screenplay to market to the world!

Follow along as we develop, write and have a lot of fun.........

Day 1 - 5/5/16 "Cinco de Mayo" - The first draft begins today. I use Final Draft so this morning I'm setting up the character list and preparing my playground.

I'm not sure (and maybe doesn't matter) how long this process will take me to just vomit out a first draft ~ no matter how stinky it is!! I know where I'm going because of this delicious outline treatment (that still lives and breathes) so I'm super excited.

More later....


Day 100 - 4/20/16 - This story and outline is a living, breathing entity and I love it! Each time I re-read scenes and places where I get stuck then I can go for a walk and with each step and breath something new comes to mind of how the scene works.

This process can't go on forever but I will absorb all of these ideas that the Muse gives me!


Day 96 - 4/16/2016: Today I plan to finish the outline treatment to the new script.

Each time I sit down to write on this story, the protagonist speaks to me. He acts, he reacts and he moves the story forward. I just sit still and let my fingers move (whether on the paper or keyboard). I am really thrilled to have this story in my head so that I can get it down on the page.

Each day is an adventure into this world. I hope that tomorrow I start the process of the first draft in Final Draft! I can only ask for time to spend on this project.

More later....


The "best magazine for screenwriters" Creative Screenwriting magazine -where learning is the whole reason to read!

Here is a double-whammy - Script magazine and Writer's Store. Both of these websites are great resources.

Dallas Screenwriters Association is Dallas' premier screenwriting group furthering the art & craft of screenwriting in Dallas, Texas.

Simply Scripts is the most direct link to screenplays, teleplays and radio scripts than anyone else on the net. Plus a huge selection of unproduced screenplays.

Box Office Guru provides film release dates, total gross, opening gross and first week percentage. For movie stat fanatics this is your site. This web site also hosts links to move studios, TV networks and related sites.

Movie Bytes contains a hearty listing of screenwriting competitions. The feedback forum is un-matched.

Film Festivals provides an extensive listing of festivals around the globe and the films shown at them.

Done Deal: features the latest news on script sales in Hollywood, as well as entertainment information and author interviews.

Internet Movie Database is the know-it-all about the movies. If you want to know who that kid was in an 1980s movies, you can find it here. Or for any movie!

The Futon Critic this site's logline is "the web's best television resource." This is a great site for all things TV.

Drew's Script-o-Rama: links to hundreds and hundreds of movie scripts, transcripts, TV scripts and treatments all for FREE.

Script City also has a huge listing of scripts that run about $14.99 per script.



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